I’m a writer who loves to paint my characters into corners and then I have to sweat about whether they’ll ever get out. I’m always surprising myself, so readers will be too. That’s why I think of my stories as wild, whether they’re short stories or novels.
My characters include young lesbians, middle aged widows, meth addicts, thieves, doctors, piano players, teachers, farmers, knitters, and creationists and I feel free to put to put them in outrageous circumstances.

An insurance salesman finds love in an out of the way town where the moon is out of phase with the rest of the world.

A pair of knitters wander into the wrong convention in their hotel and end up being held by creationists.

Jake and Yuri get too close to a meth lab on a camping trip and are attacked by two guys who run it, Darby and Ichabod.

A traveling salesman finds love in a town where everything is out of the ordinary, including the phase of the moon.

A young singer escapes rape at a beach party gone bad, by plunging into a rip current.

A doctor murders a homeless man, but no one believes him.